VPN service for free and secure
Internet on all devices

What does a VPN do

Hides online activities

On your computer and phone when browsing the Internet there is an IP address – this is your public “passport”. Connect to the VPN and get an anonymous IP address, by which it is impossible to know who you are and where you are.

Protects passwords and correspondence

Your internet traffic can be easily intercepted and read. VPN reliably protects all ransmitted data, thanks to strong encryption.

Creates a closed channel between by users

Inside our VPN there is a secure and inaccessible from the Internet local area network. Share files and data of any level of secrecy without worrying about the leak.

Opens Internet Uncensored

It is up to you to decide which site you can open and which not. Just select a server in the country from which the necessary resource is available.

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