What is a VPN?

This is a technology that will protect your Internet from surveillance,
censorship and intruders.
VPN creates a virtual network, through it you can use the Internet anonymously and safely.
To connect to this network, simply install the application and enter it using the access code.

How does a VPN work?

A secure tunnel is created between your device and our server. Through this tunnel, you find yourself in a virtual private network, it is also a virtual private network – the first letters of which formed the abbreviation VPN.

Through this network, you can access the Internet from the server to which you are connected.
This has many positive effects.

For example, your IP address changes to the address of the country where the server is located. All sites begin to consider you as a user who is physically located in the selected country.
And you begin to use the Internet under the same conditions as the locals.

VPN establishes reliable protection: everything that you send and receive cannot be intercepted and read.

Setting up an application or vpn client does not require special knowledge.
Three simple steps: install, enter the digital code received from us by mail,
Click “Connect”.

What are the benefits?

Change of location

One click on the button will change the IP address in all applications: browser, mail, games.

Free internet

Permanent access to the Internet without censorship and restrictions by the provider or network administrator.

Traffic protection

Reliably encrypts all data that you send or receive over the Internet.

Secure file sharing

File sharing of any level of privacy between users within our network.


Privacy and anonymity when visiting any sites on the Internet.

Tracking Protection

A provider or administrator at work can track what you are doing on the Internet. VPN protects against this.

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